Group travel means that 4 people or more we define as group and deserves the discount.

If 4 people or more going to same destination, same number of days and same period of time, they find them themselves sharing services like costs of professional guides, transport cars and food. Example Group trekking Kilimanjaro, can reduce cost if they are 4 or more because they share Airport transfers, mountain guides, porters, food etc The quality of services remains top quality when maximum number of group is considered. Each Service can be divided to make it easy. A food of 18 people can be cooked in 2 different plans, like wise a food of 40 people can be cooked in 4 portions. These means number of Mountain crews will be increased and planned, guides increased, cooks increased etc.

Colleagues or Friends or Family members travelling together can benefit from Group discount prices, cheap adventures. Students get special cheap price more than group.

Reference: Students from Brigham Young University through Africa Ecotourism adventure, climbs Kilimanjaro every May/June and Make success summit to Kilimanjaro all of them. Machame route 7 days is the scenic beauty Kilimanjaro taken and all students enjoy to the maximum.

Mount Kilimanjaro is well known as one of 7 Summit highest peaks. World highest seven summits are Kilimanjaro is a roof of Africa because has the highest Kibo peak in Africa. Kilimanjaro has a lot natural attractions like waterfalls, wildlife animals, beautiful scenery; these are seen during mountaineering trip to Summit. Kilimanjaro Volcano peaks are Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. Kibo peak is the highest and is covered by Snow throughout the year.

International known travel tips to prepare to climb Kilimanjaro to summit are provided. Things to know are how to acclimatize, trekking gears, best time to climb, hike training and how much is price cost. Learn more about stories to inspire you climb Kilimanjaro from previous climbers and more from Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd, reputable Mountaineering Outfitter in Africa. Learn about Kilimanjaro Tour Offers

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Trekking gears list of Kilimanjaro climbing gears you need to hire or buy are Mountain boots, sleeping bags, warm clothes, warm jacket, gloves, goggle, head torch, and balaclava

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and safaris booking Tanzania travel site, read and inquire.
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