Live Music Venues in Stockholm

Stockholm Music FestivalPhoto by Visit Stockholm/ I often get questions from hotel guests from abroad (non-Swedish speaking, in other words) about shows in Stockholm. They are often surprised when I inform them that shows (musicals,...

Free Ferry Between Riddarholmen and City Hall

Ferry arriving at Klara Mälarstrand by the City Hall. Museums are starting to open up again for business, with restrictions. I will actually be going to visit Thielska Galleriet later this week and perhaps Fotografiska...

Calendar of Festivals and Events in Stockholm 2020

Stockholm viewPhoto by Visit Stockholm I am starting to get a lot of questions from guests coming this spring and summer, asking what is happening in Stockholm while they are here. That means it is...

Restaurant Calle P

Ah... Calle P. The name of this restaurant is bit nostalgic for me and my generation. Located in Berzelli Park in the downtown area, this was the name of the restaurant back in the...

Restaurant Arnold’s

Great windows looking out on Stureplan Well, I am back from my winter holiday vacation and I thought I would start 2020 with an article about a relatively new restaurant in Stockholm called Arnold's. The restaurant...

Parks and Outdoor Areas in Stockholm

Haga Park As most people are aware, Sweden chose a different path in tackling Covid 19. Sweden did not, like most other countries, lock down entirely. Instead, the government mandated certain restrictions and set out...

Arusha houses for rent are provided by reliable Real Estate Agency

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Christmas Markets 2019

Visiting Christmas markets when in Stockholm in December is a popular activity, whether to do some holiday shopping or just to get in the spirit of the season. The first one actually opens...

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