Where are United’s Polaris 767s flying these days?

United Airlines has announced it is returning to New York’s JFK for the first time since it left the airport in 2015. At the time, the thought was that it could better focus on...

A Local Jaunt Today 12-10-2020

 After a bit of maintenance it was time to check Honey Bebe out this afternoon: Out to Port is Matakana, Sandspit and Omaha in the background. Over Snell's Beach and looking straight down Bon Accord...

Glenn L. Martin – The Beginning

11/11/2020 0 Comments Glenn Luther Martin started to build an airplane in 1905 in Santa Ana, California.  During 1910, he built gliders and pusher-type airplanes.  In 1910-11, he was an exhibition flyer in Canada...

Armistice Day Airshow at Hood Aerodrome in 2012

Today 11 November is Armistice Day and my mind goes back to an amazing Armistice Day airshow that was put on by The Vintage Aviator at Hood Aerodrome at Masterton eight years ago.  Here...

The Successful Ending to Auto Rotation Practice

It was quite spectacular watching Heletranz's Eurocopter EC130B4 ZK-HBZ4 practice an auto rotation landing at North Shore yesterday, with its sharp angle of approach: However in a text book bit of flying the auto rotation...

The Deer Story

 Recently I was driving south from Levin to Wellington and found a Hughes 500 relic on display at the side of the road.It is alongside the Deer Story, a bar/cafe/museum located at 1076 State Highway...

The 747 is still flying. Here’s where you can spot them

Given the state of things in aviation amid a pandemic that appears to be worsening in Europe and the Americas, you might assume a plane like the 747 would be parked or stored across...

Northern Aviators Club Poker Run Today 7-11-2020

The Northern Aviators Club held their 2020 edition of the Poker Run today, with numbers down a bit due to the somewhat challenging weather.  The start was at Dargaville following the famous every Saturday...

How the British Airways network has fared this autumn

England has begun a new national lockdown this week that includes a ban on leisure travel in and out of the country. That’s terrible news for British airlines, not least among them the largest...

A drizzly NZRT Friday Pie Run

 Very little action at Rangiora mid afternoon yesterday (Friday 6th) as the air was pregnant with moisture of the fine drizzle variety. The Tie-Upp Aviation Pipistrel ZK-TGS did a few circuits whilst the Garlick UH-1L  ZK-HUE of...

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