Guest Blogger – Michael Does Mackinac Island at Grand Hotel!

Michael Does Mackinac! To quickly introduce myself, my name is Michael and I typically cover all things Disney on Instagram.  I grew up loving all things Disney and all things magical.  I live in Chicago...

Bruce Neyers’ Journal – The Dinner Wines for the 2019 Grand Hotel Fall Wine...

Meet Bruce Neyers: In 1992, Bruce and Barbara Neyers launched Neyers Vineyards in the heart of Napa Valley. For over 30 years, Bruce has split his time between Neyers Vineyards and his role at Berkeley-based...

Advantages of Using Hotel Maintenance Management Software

Hospitality industry thrives on guest satisfaction. Where the guests look for a hotel that could host them well without letting any problem crop up that could hinder their experience, the hotels also ascertain that...

Eliminate Glitches with Know Glitch

If every complaint, that is filed, is solved immediately and you know the reason behind that glitch. What caused that complaint? What is the reason behind that complain? And how to resolve this issue...

Simplify your Housekeeping Needs with Know Housekeeping

What if every housekeeping tasks you assign can be done so easily that you don’t need to check every task by yourself? Imagine being a supervisor who needs to check and assign every task...

Save Your Hotel by Using These Simple Tactics

Hotel Management or Hospitality completely depends on the relationship between a guest and a host. If your business is falling apart, then there might be few changes you could do to get it back...

How to Make Your Hotel Appealing to Women Travellers?

Have you ever wondered about what you could do to make your hotel more attractive especially for the businesswomen? It’s important to keep your hotel female-friendly because according to statistics now, 85% of purchases...

Things to Care of During Preventive Maintenance in Hotels

Preventive maintenance takes into account all aspects of your installation and creates an appropriate annual plan which ensures that every part of your installation is analyzed, that all problems are reported and resolved...

Maximize the Guests’ Comfort with Timely and Automated Maintenance using KNOWCROSS Application

In this digital age, technology can truly increase the level of your performance. With this understanding, KNOWCROSS developed six technologically sophisticated applications for the hospitality sector. It is not easy for any establishment that...

Benefits of using Advanced Hotel Information System for Efficient Management of Housekeeping

Every efficient hotelier knows the importance of hotel or property management software applications. These applications can organize different administrative duties and improve the guests’ experience through faster delivery of a service. The advanced...

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