World award prizes in 2017 went to Mount Kilimanjaro as best attraction in 2017. Mount Kilimanjaro is like magnet which attracts thousands of tourists to visit and climb Kilimanjaro.

Travel by flights is main way by most inter continental tourists travelling abroad or overseas

Most attractions around Mount Kilimanjaro apart from trekking to Summit are Shira trekking 2 days tour, Marangu route day hike trip, Kikuletwa hotspring and Lake Chala volcano lake. Travel advise include discount flight fare seasons and cheap flight tickets booking online at FlyDubai.

Welcome to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, FLYDUBAI

Read about top things to do and what to see

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Kilimanjaro view Lodge in Moshi, at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Have Lunch or Dinner at swimming pool side with Kilimanjaro views, Look picture below


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