As is often the case, there was quite a bit of helicopter activity when I visited Ardmore earlier in the week:

Kawasaki BK 117 B1 ZK-HBK5 (c/n 1046) was registered to Helilink Ltd on 14/4/20.  It has had a long history of being imported and exported, including being ZK-HBK3 back in 1993!

Ownership of Aerospatiale AS 355 F1 ZK-IAV (c/n 5041) was transferred to Heletranz Ltd on 1/2/20.  It now carries small Huka Lodge titles on the rear doors (click to expand to see these).

A future candidate for registration was this Sikorsky S 76 outside Oceania.

I reckon the lines of the Jet Ranger are still classic, as seen in these shots of ZK-IAP3 (c/n 4261) which was registered to Hill Forest Farmers Ltd of Whangamata on 11/5/20.


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