The NZ Warbirds older aircraft hangar was open when I was at Ardmore yesterday, and Trish gave me permission to take a photo of the Isaacs Fury ZK-DMN that was just inside the door.

ZK-DMN/K1790 has been around Auckland since Barry Thompson built it in the 1970s.  It was first registered in February 1976 which almost makes it a classic in its own right – it is 44 years old!

It changed to New Zealand Warbirds ownership on 1/11/16 and I noted some minor changes since I last saw it.  It now has the “Donated by R Field” script in small letters on the fuselage.  And the spinner is now blue (instead of red) – I wonder if this is significant as I know that quite a bit of effort went into the colour scheme which I understand represents the squadron leader’s aircraft of 43 Squadron RAF because of the black and white chequers on the fin and elevators.  Can anyone shed any light on why it now has a blue spinner?


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