Watson’s Bar at Hotel Rival

I recently wrote an article with a list of museums which are temporarily closed due to new, tighter Covid-19 restrictions in Sweden. Unfortunately, I don’t come with good news now either. The Swedish government has just announced a new law to help combat the worrying rise in Covid-19 infections. Starting on November 20th, no alcohol can be served/sold after 10pm. This means that all restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs will close at 10:30pm at the latest (30 minutes after the final sale of alcohol). This, of course, includes the bars and Bistro here at Hotel Rival. Please keep this in mind when visiting Stockholm in the coming weeks and months. This law can last as long as the end of February 2021. Click here for more visitor information regarding Covid-19. In the meantime… take personal responsibility, keep social distance, wash your hands and stay home if you have any symptoms. Hopefully, we can push down the curve again!


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