Alas no pies available but reasonably priced diesel fuel at the pump between the old flight service tower and the Aero Club.
There are two main operators based here  – The New Zealand Airline Academy Ltd with a fleet of nine Tecnam aircraft and Heliventures NZ Ltd who list six helicopters – two Squirrels and four NOTARs
The pride of the New Zealand Airline Academy Ltd’s fleet is the Tecnam P2006T ZK-TMT (c/n 288).

Playing in Oamaru’s favourite chilly easterly was the Tecnam P2008 ZK-DDY c/n 123 (above) and the Tecnam P2008 JC ZK-TKT c/n 1163 (below).

Arriving back home was the Heliventures NZ Ltd’s AS 350 B2 ZK-IER c/n 2249.


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