I believe there are alternate histories about the short snorter but this is the way Pancho tells it.   The Association of Motion Picture Pilots managed to keep their drink till full by initiating new members into a club called the short-snorters.  Pancho explained the following to writer Don Downie.  “We were there and broke, of course.  A bunch of us were standing around – Frank Clarke, Frank Hawks, Ray Minor, Les Gillis, Chubby Gordon, and some more.  Being broke, we had an idea.  We would pick some likely-looking candidate – maybe a young pilot who had just flown a good race and thought he was hot.  We would tell him that a very exclusive club was being organized and that his name had been proposed.

“We’d tell him that a dollar bill, which we would sign, would be his membership card and there would be an initiation fee.  We fixed the fee at what we thought we could get.  Once we had his money, we’d tell him: ‘Listen sucker, that’s all there is  Now you go out and try it yourself’.”

The new member autographed the dollar bill and collected signatures from all the others.  At each meeting, members either showed their autographed bill or forfeited over another dollar to the till.  Apparently Paul Mantz forfeited his entire salary for a movie stunt.



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